1. Language development and communication are important factors in children even as early as 2 or 3 months consider this.

2. Early experiences with books have a decisive impact on the architecture of a baby’s brain. Reading aloud to a child,as early as 6 months, is recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics.

3. Education is not limited to books and is certainly not confined to classrooms.In fact when children touch,see and experience,learning becomes not only easier but also much more fun.

Children are born with all of the brain cells they’re going to have.

As babies grow, they learn many things, but they do not get new brain cells. They do not get new muscles, either. The muscles in a baby’s arms and legs will develop as she gets older and matures. In the same way, the nerve cells in the brain (called neurons) will also grow and develop. Muscles must be used to become stronger. The same is true with the brain. Children need to use their brains to learn to think.
We Only notice the physical Development of the child externally. But Internally the brain develops very fast. According to the research by many experts, the physical growth of a child’s brain will be fastest in the first 6 years (up to 90%)-Prof. Benjamin S. Bloom.University of Chicago. And also the Growth of measured intelligence (Grasping ability) is higher at the lower age like: Birth to 4 years – 50 %, Four to 8 Years- 30% and Eight to 18 Years-20%